Lowepro: The Camera Pack Suited for Outdoor Terrain

For years, I have used Timbuk2′s Snoop Camera Insert with my numerous messenger bags. I love it and still do. However, when I am hiking more than a mile, the messenger becomes heavy on one shoulder when I add water bottles and extra gear. I still enjoy using this camera system for urban adventures when taking images around the city, but for multi-mile adventures on the trail, I need a camera bag that offers increased support in a compact and efficient solution.

The Photo Sport 200 AW Lowepro pack (below) has an adjustable camera compartment, a water bladder or “hydration reservoir” compatible pocket, built-in all-weather cover, and – you guessed it – two evenly balanced straps. In fact, it looks quite like a hiking pack should be with plenty of pockets to stash gear and camera equipment into. There is also a sling version, although I can envision similar issues on long hikes that may be comparable to what I experience with my messenger bag.

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2 thoughts on “Lowepro: The Camera Pack Suited for Outdoor Terrain

    • I like both, but my camera stash has grown from my father’s Canon collection, so the lenses don’t swap to Nikon cameras easily. I still have my mother’s Nikon 2020, and it still gives great 35mm shots.

      Nikon has adapted their marketing focus for the younger hipster crowds with the new Nikon 1, but I have to admit, I haven’t been impressed by their lens-swap system for this small camera. It’s still expensive and other cameras, such as the OPTIO (Pentax), give better images.

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